Am feeling domestically…

Am feeling domestically pleased with myself; warning: smugness follows. Have houseguests this weekend; had planned on three, but then a) fourth family member asked if there was room for her to join them (yes!), and b) old friend and her partner unexpectedly in town asked if we had room (yes yes! and okay, I may have actually pushed a little for them to come visit), and this is why we bought the big house, because we live in a central location and people come through and I love hosting them and since my relatives came for Christmas two years ago, we even have enough beds (counting one air mattress), bedding, and towels for everyone. Ten people in the house and they all fit nicely. Love it.

And to add cream to my coffee, I woke up early and wondered what I was going to give them all for breakfast, and remembered I had a can of pumpkin puree, so two loaves of pumpkin bread, one for breakfast and one for the party tonight. I'll cook some bacon too, and slice up some fruit, and that should hold them. And the final triumph, when I started pulling out the ingredients for the pumpkin bread, I discovered I was almost out of baking powder, which was almost a catastrophe. (Not really, because there is enough other food in the house to feed an army, given the party tonight, but I had committed to the pumpkin bread, you understand.) But then I remembered reading somewhere, oh, years ago, that you could combine cream of tartar and baking soda to make baking powder, and I looked it up, and yes, so now I have refilled my baking powder tin with baking powder I made MYSELF (for a very weak definition of 'made'), and I feel like I have won all the domestic goddess points this morning. Bow down before me, mere mortals. I WILL make pumpkin bread, if it's the last thing I do.

P.S. Oh, and did I mention that I have eggs boiling for deviling later, and that I just put a batch of cut-out cookies (owls, pumpkins, ghosts) in the oven (pre-made dough)? *AND* I managed to avoid sloshing boiling water on my foot when I spilled it just now? That's competence, people. Although maybe I'd better sit down and drink some tea for a bit, before it all goes to my head.

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