I’m delighted to note…

I'm delighted to note that Lee Moyer's Clarion-supporting literary calendar is launching an Indiegogo campaign, with a variety of rewards available to backers, including copies of the calendar, fine art prints of the pages, etc. If you take a look at the video, at 1:53 you'll see a preview of my page in the calendar, featuring the kick-ass grad student programmer and fighter Kimsriyalani, from The Stars Change.

I think she would totally be amused to be asked to be in such a calendar, and would have tons of fun dressing up and posing, right before she ripped an attacking beast's or bad guy's heart out. And if you think it gives me a thrill to see one of my characters, a cat woman with pointed ears, in a gorgeous sexy illustration, then perhaps you know that I'm the girl who grew up on Elfquest comics, and spent perhaps too many of her formative college years hanging out on FurryMuck. :-)

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