I love my job, I really…

I love my job, I really love teaching, it is a blast being in front of my students, and I have one more class to teach today, but really, it's cold outside, and all I want to do is go home and start cooking like a fiend for tomorrow's Hallowe'en party. In addition to all the smaller nibblies, I am planning on a few big autumnal dishes:

- acorn and butternut squash soup (to be served with gruyere croutons)
- a double batch of creamy pasta with chicken and sausage
- green curry shrimp and eggplant (very witchy)

Am trying to decide if it would be better to wait to cook any of these tomorrow (I'll be home all day), or if any would benefit from being cooked a day in advance. Also, should I make a double batch of soup too? That seems a bit excessive, given that the kids probably won't choose to eat the soup, and some of the adults won't either. What about the curry? Double it? Seems excessive.

On the other hand, what is the down side to doubling it? Don't I just get more soup / curry to freeze for later? I am not sure I can actually puree that much soup without making a massive mess, though, and transferring it out of the big heavy pan would be a pain, so it'd mean actually cooking it twice, rather than just doubling ingredients. Hmmm...

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