I can’t believe I’m…

I can't believe I'm crowd-sourcing my sweatpants, but here we go. My doctor is lowering my thyroid hormone dosage, which is likely going to end up better for my heart, but the short-term result is that I am periodically freezing again. She wants me to try this dosage for 6-8 weeks, do new bloodwork, and check back in with her. Which is all well and good, and I do want to live as long as possible, but it's all useless if I freeze to death in the interim.

It turns out that I am severely lacking in sweatpants (as in, the only pair I have is from my high school days, and which has worn quite thin over the years). Recommendations for warm, comfy sweats? Ideally presentable enough that I can wear them around the neighborhood as well as in the house?

I can just go to Target and pick some up (plan B), but I thought I might as well check that there weren't some absolutely brilliant insulated-yet-supercomfy sweatpants that I hadn't heard of yet.

I do have one sweatshirt, which is something. I bought it last year, and I love it to death. Appropriate to wear today since I was just asked if I'm going to Chicago TARDIS at the end of November. (Maybe.) It looks like this:

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