I have a pile of papers…

I have a pile of papers to grade, but all I want to do is browse Pinterest and plan the menu for my Halloween party / dinner. Some items are fixed, but others are more...flexible. In flux. Waffly. No, I'm not serving waffles. Aiming towards food that is a bit spooky, but not actually gross. Maybe when the kids are older, we'll try the gross stuff, but it is not my cup of tea. So to speak.


  • squash leaf canapes? (so cute, and I have the cookie cutters already, but too much trouble?)
  • pakoras (sort of creepy-looking, given the green, and easy, since they're from TJ's)
  • spiderweb eggs (made last year, easy to make ahead) or devilish eggs? (tastier, but more finicky to assemble)
  • guacamole graveyard (easy and always devoured)
  • shriveled potatoes with romesco sauce (easy to make ahead)
  • cured epidermis (okay, it's just prosciutto!)
  • cheese tray
  • samosas (Huzefa and Fatema are bringing)
  • a tray of spooky fruit (easy and healthy; dark grapes, plums, etc.)


  • butternut/acorn squash soup with gruyere croutons (definitely)
  • green cauldron curry (Thai tofu curry, spicy), with rice
  • pasta with spicy sausage, chicken, red peppers and cream (why I've been craving this, I don't know, but I'm going with it)
  • pomegranate pear walnut goat cheese salad (I think yes -- I'm not sure why this is calling to me this year, but it just is, and I'm going to go with it)
  • roast beast (roast beef) mini-sandwiches with caramelized onions and horseradish


  • birthday cake for Ellen Fuller
  • pumpkin flan (Kevin's job)
  • cookies

    Still have to figure out drinks. We're expecting around 30 people. Should be fun! :-)

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