Okay, so I had a…

Okay, so I had a thought. I have been feeling like I want to do something nice for the Kickstarter backers, as a thank you for their extra year (!) of patience, as well as sticking with me through the whole unanticipated-move-to-small-press. I wasn't sure what, but I finally had an idea tonight.

Years and years ago, I went to a studio and recorded two little erotic audio CD's, one of me reading mostly romantic poetry, the other of me reading mostly erotic fiction. They were meant to be limited editions of 500 each, and Zak Jarvis even did pretty little covers for me, but I somehow never quite got around to promoting them, so I think I sold maybe a dozen each and then forgot about them. I have a tracking sheet somewhere, so I know exactly how many should be left in the limited edition.

I was thinking it would be nice if I sent them to the Kickstarter folks as a bonus. I can at least send them the audio files digitally, and maybe the people who bought the hardcover edition could get signed and numbered physical CDs as well? I mean, I won't claim to be the best reader in the world, but there's something pleasing about an author reading her own work, I think. The CD's are up on my site as shareware downloads now. But these would be purely a thank you gift. Good, yes?

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  1. Well, it’d be the same as the previous, an e-mail listing the link to a Dropbox for you to download if you liked. Would that still be a problem for work? I don’t think there’s an easy way to exclude you from the other Kickstarter backers if I send it as a backer update…

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