It’s pre-launch day for…

It's pre-launch day for my very first science fiction book, The Stars Change! What is a pre-launch day, you ask? Well, the print books will ship out on our official launch day, November 1st (woohoo!), but the ebooks are ready now (double woohoo!). And they are beautiful!

So this morning I am going to sort through my Kickstarter backer and pre-order lists and send out ebooks to those people. (The Kickstarter backers have waited so long and so patiently, I hate to make them wait a second longer.) Which means that if you're on one of those lists, you will get an electronic copy today!

I'll be working on putting together the final pre-order list around noon CST, which means you have until then to pre-order. After that, for my own sanity and to keep the paperwork from getting too confusing, I'm planning to close down pre-orders and let Cecilia and Circlet Press handle actual orders going forward.

So there's your teeny tiny incentive to pre-order -- if you order now, you get your book along with the Kickstarter backers today (!), two weeks before everyone else. And if you like it, I hope you will consider spreading the word far and wide. :-) Pre-order at the link below!

"On a South Asian-settled university planet, tensions are rising. The first interstellar war has just been declared; the pure humans (or at least a segment of them) against the genetically modified humods and the aliens. The players in this game are complex, and the average citizen doesn't really understand what's going on. They just want to go on with their life: go to work, go home, make love to their wife. Or wives. Or husbands. Or indeterminate gender human and/or alien partners. Yet when the Warren, the alien ghetto, comes under attack, humans, humods, and aliens must all decide where they stand -- what is worth fighting for, or maybe even worth dying for."

Pre-order The Stars Change

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