I harvested a second…

I harvested a second gathering of roses to make another batch of rose petal jelly today (for holiday gifts); I let Kavya take the petals off the roses, which she enjoyed muchly (because it is much fun -- I'm not sure why it's so satisfying to pick petals off flowers, but it really is). I had the kids put their noses up to the bowl of petals and smell the intense and glorious scent; they approved. After Kavi'd finished the de-petaling, I asked her if she wanted to try some of the jelly from the first batch; she was pretty dubious, and Anand outright refused and ran away. Food from flowers??? Kavi said she thought Anand was afraid of getting poisoned. But in the end, they both dared a taste, and once it was spread on bread with butter, Kavya declared it delicious, and eventually asked for a second sandwich. She was even happier about it once I told her that it was one of the favorite foods of the fairies. Rose petal jelly = success!

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