For Jaggery, I need a…

For Jaggery, I need a WordPress theme that will allow us to present a single issue beautifully, but which will also let us add a blog section (which may not go up right away). I had originally thought of having the blog in a box or column on the whole site, but now I'm thinking it might make sense to have the blog be essentially its own department.

So that, for example, if you choose a fiction story, that's all you see (along with navigation), and if you choose the blog, that's all you see (an updating page of posts, with the most recent at the top). It should still serve the purpose of keeping people coming back to the site between issues, and if they're liking the blog, they'll hopefully click on the other content too. Does that make sense? I'm trying to balance the desire for lots of interesting / teaser content up front with a quiet, non-overwhelming design. The feel we're going for is 'literary journal' not 'magazine'.

Any thoughts on layout issues like the above are welcome, and on which of these four themes might best work with that. WordPress confuses me.





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