Spent the morning…

Spent the morning starting the rose petal jelly (I'm out of lemons, can you believe it?), downloading and editing photos for the program slideshow. We've done a ton of great events, and it was actually quite fun, looking through all the pics of faculty and students. Heated up some curried fish buns from the freezer -- sometimes I'm just craving a taste of Sri Lanka, and it's nice to have that option. I felt for a moment as if I were on the train headed up to Nuwara Eliya, buying fish buns from the vendors on the railway station.

Then weeded the burdock and pokeweed in the front yard, and raked my first batch of leaves for the fall. Lots more to come. I had some vague dream of digging and planting all the bulbs BEFORE taking Kavi to a birthday party at 2:30, but I'm not sure why I thought that would be possible. I think I can get the front done if I hurry, and then hopefully the back this evening. I'd at least like to dig the long trenches for the daffodils, because the ground is still wet from yesterday's thunderstorms -- if we wait, the job will just get harder.

Just need to go look at my garden chart to remind myself where I was planning to put that batch of Ollioules tulips and those Blue Jacket hyacinths. Onward!

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