I’m going to have to…

I'm going to have to relax my new prohibition against weekend work because we have a deadline on campus and so I have to spend most of this weekend doing administrative stuff. And when that's done, I have to finalize a design for Jaggery. And if I can't stand the computer anymore, I really need to put on gardening gloves and go dig out some massive weeds; it rained the last two days, so this is probably my best shot at getting them out. Ah well.

But from 10-12, I'm going to take a break for fun; Daniella is coming over for a playdate with Kavi (so Daniella's mom can get some writing done), and I'm looking forward to doing something autumnal with the girls. Bake cookies? Decorate pumpkins? Do a craft? Something fun. I've put up some of my Halloween decorations, but there's always room for more. :-)

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