We’re planning to…

We're planning to restart the DesiLit blog, but incorporate it into Jaggery (tentatively launching October 15th, assuming I don't get lost in tech stuff). If you're interested in regularly posting interesting South Asian and diaspora lit-related pieces at Jaggery, please drop me a line (mohanraj@mamohanraj.com), SUBJECT: JAGGERY BLOG. We'd ask bloggers to commit to posting four pieces / month.

We'll also need an editor or two for this section, so if you're interested in that, let me know -- editing would be cursory, just a quick check to make sure the post looks clean and appropriate before approving it on the site. Familiarity with WordPress would be a plus, but it's also easy to learn. I'm estimating this job would take roughly 5-15 minutes / day. Please send me a brief bio if interested in this position, also to mohanraj@mamohanraj.com, SUBJECT: JAGGERY BLOG EDITOR.

These are all volunteer positions. Thanks!

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