Date night! We were…

Date night! We were home by 7, which I suspect is slightly pathetic, but hey, we had fun. Dinner at $2.99 / entree might have made it the cheapest date night ever, except that, y'know, the restaurant was in a bookstore. We ended up dropping another fifteen bucks on books for Kavya. One of them is called "The Bookstore Ghost," which seemed perfect for Halloween-time.

Not that Kavi's lacking in books (hah!), but I'm so excited that she's actually reading, I can't help it. So bookstore browsing, and I showed Kevin where the DesiLit reading is going to be, and we talked about what to do re: our china cabinet dilemma, and about my next novel project (SF or detective? hmm...), and about his sabbatical plans for next fall (lots of travel). It was nice.

Next time, maybe we'll see if Izzy can actually cope with getting the kids to bed, and we might try staying up a bit later, like real grown-ups. Or maybe not. :-)

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