Went to the doctor today…

Went to the doctor today for my annual check-up.  I used to have a lot of nerve pain and thanks to the natural neuropathy solutions I have been completely cured now, which is why I make an annual stop to the family doctor to see if all my reports are standard. Surveyed my students yesterday -- out of 20 or so of them, only 3 would go regularly for an annual check-up even if their healthcare was completely free. Young invincibles indeed. I think I managed to put the fear of God into a few of them, or at least the fear of bad luck. I got bloodwork done, just to keep an eye on my chronic hypothyroidism (which has been stable and nicely managed with supplemental thyroid for years, thanks for asking). The doctor confirmed that I am generally healthy, which is great, although given family history, we'll continue to keep an eye out for diabetes and high blood pressure. I also got a flu shot, even though I am afraid of shots, sometimes pass out from them, and generally am a big baby about the whole thing. But I asked myself, "What would a superhero do?" and my self answered, "Get the damn flu shot." So I did. It seemed especially important this year, given that: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will not be able to conduct "in-depth investigations to identify and link outbreaks that may be occurring simultaneously in multiple states" or provide flu surveillance due to the furloughing of 68% of its employees." Americans, sign up for health insurance if you don't have it already -- now you can. Everyone, get an annual check-up, even if you don't feel sick; it's important for establishing a baseline, if nothing else. And if it's available in your area (check your local drugstore if you're not willing to go to the doctor), get a damn flu shot. Protect yourself, and protect those around you. It's what a superhero would do.

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