The experimental Indian…

The experimental Indian pizzas came out great. Admittedly, everyone else seemed to think the tandoori / onion / green chili one was too spicy, but with six green chilies, it was perfect for my spice levels. So adjust as desired:

Soak some chicken in a mix of tandoori paste (available in many grocery stores these days) and yogurt overnight. (You only need maybe half a pound at most for a pizza, but if you're going to grill, you might as well make a few pounds, and then you have tandoori chicken for eating later with rice or on sandwiches...) Slice an onion and saute in ghee with some minced Thai green chilies, the little skinny ones. (If you want it milder, use jalape´┐Żos.) Add a bit of black mustard seed and cumin seed and a bit of salt; stir until onions are cooked and maybe a bit brown. Grill chicken (or bake) and slice into bite-size pieces. Optional: top with shredded mozzarella too (which does help it all hold together; it was good both with and without cheese). That's it -- make pizza. Yumyum.

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