Sleepy Hollow…

Sleepy Hollow assessment, two episodes in:

Pros: Cool black female cop lead who is cute but not overtly-sexualized (she wears her uniform all the time!), or at least not yet. I like her al ot. Gorgeous time-travelling lead man with sexy accent. Time travel details are also often funny: for example, in the second episode he gets outraged over a ten percent tax on baked goods (his breakfast donut) and demands to know why people aren't taking to the streets in protest -- the revolutionary war was fought over a two percent tax, after all! Love all of that.

Cons: The supernatural element is kind of ridiculous. And they should be seriously overmatched and basically killed in the first episode, given how powerful the bad guys are, and I don't see how they're going to keep the series up without just forcing the good ways to somehow win every episode. I'm having some serious suspension of disbelief issues here.

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