I am so ANGRY about the…

I am so ANGRY about the shutdown I can't even talk about it coherently. When it came up at the party yesterday (two of my friends will have to stay home from work starting tomorrow, for an indefinite amount of time, and lord knows if they'll ever get paid for that time, and even if you have enough savings that that doesn't send you into a total panic about making the rent and feeding yourself and your kids, it still sucks hugely), I basically just flailed my arms and stormed off in inarticulate disgust.

What the hell, people. Can we take the nuclear option off the damned table, already? Why was it even on the table to begin with? It is too damn heavy for this damned table.

One thought on “I am so ANGRY about the…”

  1. For the record: I agree with you. I have no idea who the shutdown does benefit. It does not even save any money.

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