All summer, Kavya and…

All summer, Kavya and Anand shared a bedroom, but now that she has to get up early to catch the school bus, Kavi has adamantly retreated to her own room, insisting she needs more sleep. And we can't blame her for that, but at least this week, it means that every time Anand wakes up, he comes down and wakes us up. Or just hollers until we come up. We're trading off nights, mostly, but still, it feels like I haven't slept properly in a week, and the deficit is starting to get to me. I had an hour before I needed to leave for a meeting at work, and I couldn't decide if I should spend that time a) exercising while watching a show, b) cleaning up the semi-disaster while watching a show, c) trying to deal with some e-mail work, or d) writing a poem or something, because it's been so long since I've written anything creative. You know what I did instead of any of those? Ate second breakfast. While watching a show. I make bad decisions when I'm tired. Also, my gazillion bulbs arrived yesterday, and I should plant them all this afternoon, which I actually do have time to do and the weather is perfect, but did I mention, tired? More tea.

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