A few new perennials…

A few new perennials that I'd ordered arrived today; must be the right time for fall planting. Pulmonaria, hellebore, hollyhock. Also gazillion bulbs which I can't even look at yet; I am so very much too tired for planting bulbs. But I got the perennials in, at least, and then watered them. I do love sunlight on water. It is one of my very favorite things.

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  1. Totally unrelated comment because I’m afraid of adding to your email 🙂

    The Ted Radio Hour has an episode on “Framing the Story”. One particular discussion made me think of you as it was by a …I think it was Nigerian…. lady talking about writing. I could hear echoes of you in her comments. The link is:


    The particular part that made me think of you is: “Chimamanda Adichie: What are the Dangers of a Single Story”

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