Autumn weekend. I’m…

Autumn weekend. I'm trying to reserve the weekends for family and friends, to make space for relaxed activities. There's still some work around the edges, inevitably, but I'm doing better.

We had lots of squash blossoms, but somehow, they only translated into one actual squash. Still, exciting. First squash!

When we tried cooking it, the skin was a bit tough. I thought I could treat it like zucchini and just curry it with some potatoes -- the flavors were good, but I'm wondering if I should have peeled it first? Or picked it earlier?

It just makes me happy, looking at my autumn decor. Pumpkin bowls, plates, and mugs are new, from Target, very reasonably priced and with a nice vintage vibe. The dark red, purple and green dishes we already had.

New runner in the kitchen, also from Target, serves the dual purpose of saving my aching feet and tying the kitchen aesthetic a little more closely to the eat-in area. This pleases me. And the pattern echoes the stars in the art glass window (see previous photo).

Silly little candles, but pleasing.

Yesterday, Kavi and I gardened for a while. I did some pruning of overgrown roses while she weeded. Afterwards, we swung on the porch swing, singing "Swing low, sweet chariot..."

I wish I could claim I made these, but no -- these needle-felted acorns are from Etsy. Maybe next year I'll learn needle-felting. It looks cool.

Love that the clematis is blooming again.

New dahlia! Love!

Oops, I've forgotten the name of this little perennial. Like a miniature hollyhock, but it's called something else.

Roses are blooming again -- William Shakespeare, I think.

Not to plug Anthropologie too much, but seriously, I adore their latte bowls. The colors are amazing. Little butterfly is made of paper.

Pumpkin bread -- Kevin got me the stand mixer for Christmas last (?) year, and while I don't use it a lot, when I pull it out, it is super helpful.

New recipe! So easy -- cut apples in eighths, wrap with bacon, sprinkle cinnamon, bake for twenty minutes @ 400. Yum.

I can't claim this is a healthy breakfast, but it IS delicious.

Dan took this photo for me; I really ought to take more pics of our beautiful Ellie. Petting her on a chilly morning is a nice autumn activity.

I think we found these acorns at PaperSource last year; it was fun assembling them with Kavya, and they store nicely for seasonal decor.

Okay, so I know the maple leaf, and the Japanese maple, and I'm pretty that's an oak (the big one at the top right, with all the squiggles). Anyone able to name the others?

Let us not discuss just how much cookie dough she'd consumed by this point.

I am FINALLY decreasing on my Kauni yarn Baktus scarf. I may finish it this decade. Photo credit: Kavya.

(Protip -- when asking your six-year-old to take a photo, tell her to take fifty or so, and you might get one that isn't blurry.)

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