I had to swing by Target…

I had to swing by Target last night after the department reading because we were out of milk. It may have been the fact that I was in Target at 9 p.m. that led me to buying a variety of stickers, including little robots (for my SF/F class). Do college students still like getting little stickers on their quizzes when they do a great job? It makes me happier about grading, at any rate. Now I need to go find some dragon stickers...

2 thoughts on “I had to swing by Target…”

  1. I use smiley face stickers for my thesis students! Writing a thesis is such a long sloggy kind of task that I think my students need some encouragement. So each week they decide if they are sticker worthy I.e. did they work to capacity. If so, they get a smiley face sticker. They put them on thier thesis notebooks or computers.

  2. Sumana Harihareswara

    Oh wow. I used to feel SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY when my teacher gave me, say, 120/100 on a test. Like, proof that I had done INCREDIBLY WELL. Seeing that photo gave me unexpected nostalgia….

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