Happy 43rd, Kevin Whyte!…

Happy 43rd, Kevin Whyte! For your birthday, I have kindly not posted any photos of you. Some elements worth noting in the photos below -- Kavi was very insistent that since Kevin's favorite color is green, everything should be green. Green paper, green flowers (slight challenge), green wrap, etc. The mug (with green smiley face) she decorated for his birthday last year (drew on with paint pen, fired in the oven). They came up with the idea of coffee (because Daddy loves coffee) with berries (because Daddy loves berries). They also picked out the carrot cake, which isn't exactly green, but oh well. Please note that Anand is singing happy birthday while still attempting to play Plants vs. Zombies. I did take the electronics away when I noticed, so that we could have a brief moment of non-digital family time while we blew out the candles (the relighting candles took some time) and ate the cake.

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