We’re doing a dry run…

We're doing a dry run today with our new babysitter, Izzy (my friend Rebecca's high school age daughter), who will be meeting Kavi at the bus on Fridays so that I can attend Friday afternoon English colloquiums regularly this semester. I'm quite excited, because for the past five years, Kevin and I have had to juggle the kids when I wanted to attend; now I can just plan to regularly be there. I'm honestly not sure why we didn't do this last year too. (Oh, yes, because I was too exhausted from having tiny infants to even think about going in to attend most (optional) colloquia). The funniest part is that Kavya is excited too, and is now in the midst of explaining to Izzy the entire backstory of Jem and the Holograms. I'm going back upstairs to work for a few hours; this may take her a while.

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