Roshani called as I was…

Roshani called as I was out grocery shopping and was asking me for some book brainstorming for her 12-year-old daughter's book project for school and I suggested L'Engle's _A Ring of Endless Light_ and she said that was PERFECT and I told her she should stop by and borrow it (since her copy was still packed up in boxes in a storage unit somewhere), so she and Zoe stopped by right after I got back with the groceries and we spent ten minutes going through my L'Engle and it turned out that there were two Austin books Roshani had somehow not read, so I ended up insisting she just borrow the whole set (of seven or so books) and also I pressed on her Margaret Mahy's _Catalogue of the Universe_ (which she hadn't heard of and oh, is she in for a treat!), and then they came back downstairs with me and while I put away groceries we nibbled on strawberries and figs and those cannellini beans from the olive bar that I adore -- Zoe thought the figs were yuck, but Roshani and I like 'em -- and we chatted about gardening a bit on their way out and it was just a half hour random visit but can I just say that it's LOVELY that one of my best friends has moved (back) to town? Yes, I think I can say that. :-)

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