I think I’m going to do…

I think I'm going to do it. We tried anaglypta (paintable embossed wallpaper) for our backsplash, but it wasn't waterproof enough, so we're going to lincrusta (which has linoleum in the paper, essentially, and is waterproof). It is VERY period-appropriate. And I looked at more subtle patterns, but Elizabeth is the one I love, so I think I'm going to go for it.

Now, I know it's bold. Not so much the pattern itself, but the depth of the relief. But we're going to run it all the way up the wall (just one wall), and paint it a very neutral off-white, and I think it's going to do a great job of actually enhancing the art glass in the window, and bringing the whole kitchen together in a more coherent way. I can see it in my head; I'm just hoping the vision in my head is going to match up with the reality.

Look, if you can't be bold with wallpaper, what can you be bold with? It's just paper. Or rather, linoleum.

(And yes, I know some of you have a deep and abiding hatred of wallpaper, and I'm sorry if I've scarred you here, but I like it. Possibly because I've never tried to take it down.)

2 thoughts on “I think I’m going to do…”

  1. My concern is with something with a deep relief in the kitchen. Grease etc…won’t it be hard to clean the cracks n crevices?

  2. I’ve seen 100-year-old lincrusta in kitchens that looks fine. You clean with soap and water, and if it gets bad, you repaint over it. 🙂

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