Wild Cards lunch. I…

Wild Cards lunch. I hate pestering George for photos, but the last time I told people I had lunch with George R. R. Martin, some people didn't believe me. So here -- photographic evidence that I am cool by association. :-) Also pictured, Walter Jon Williams, Pat Cadigan, Howard Waldrop in photo #2, along with various Wild Cards authors in the big table shot. Carrie Vaughn, sorry I cut half your lovely head off!

I took the photo of our waiter because he was making guacamole from scratch tableside, but then I was glad I'd taken it, because he was just so adorable when he discovered that George was at our table. He completely lost it, and kept whimpering that he'd meant to bring a book in to be signed, but then didn't, because he was working all day today and didn't think he'd be able to get over, and dammit, he should've bought it, etc. and so on. George did give him a souvenir, which seemed to calm him down a bit. Afterwards, I said something to George about how that must still be fun, and he said yes, except that at WorldCon, it happened fifteen times in a row as he walked across the convention hall. Which I guess must be exhausting, and I have a tiny bit of sympathy for him, but still...it's a nice problem to have. :-)

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  1. Ah, you went to the place where they make guacamole from scratch by the side of your table. :^) I love that place!

    (Enh, there may be more than one of them. But I’ve been to one of them twice, and, yum.)

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