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Various people have asked for copies of Guinevere / Sita paper. It is not a paper yet, and may never be -- it's hard to prioritize academic writing when it's not a requirement for my job and I have so much fiction waiting to be written. But that said, I quite like this topic, and have some interesting thoughts on it, I think. I'm not sure how much you'd get from the PowerPoint presentation alone, without my additional commentary, but people asked for it, so here it is. There are, at least, a lot of neat quotes from various retellings, and some analysis of the gendered representations, in note form. Enjoy!

(Clicking the link will download a PowerPoint file, I'm pretty sure.)

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  1. You can get quite a lot from the powerpoint and it is very interesting. Good to expand.

    As a side bit of trivia: in the middle ages very few women had their own story in art. A couple of the prominent women, however, were also depicted holding decapitated heads. Reference the biblical stories of Judith and Salome.

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