Nobody is going to care…

Nobody is going to care about the logistics that follow but me. Am just thinking out loud. If I'm showered and dressed by 6:30, I can get the kids ready and off by 7:30, and then pack by 8:00. That would let me walk to the train with my suitcase, take it into campus and drop it at my office, teach my classes, and take the train directly to O'Hare. Which would get me there at 3:00, three hours before my 6:00 flight. But the alternative plan is to not take my suitcase in, come home after teaching @ 3:00 (which involves extra walking, and it'll be a balmy 72 when I walk in, but a steamy 86 when I'd be walking almost two miles home (but with no suitcase). And then I'd have an hour at home, which would give me time to water the garden, and/or finish packing (so I don't have to hurry as much in the morning), but it's a little illogical, because then I'd have to walk back to the train in the heat and take it to O'Hare. Having covered much of the distance (riding and walking) two extra times as a result. Is it worth the extra traveling, to have an extra two hours at home this afternoon? Exercise is good for me, but in the heat? I do like having quiet extra time at the airport (if not too much) -- it's a good, focused time for getting some work done, especially if there is WiFi. Is there WiFi at O'Hare. Will my garden thank me if I stay and water, or can I rely on Kevin to take care of it? Could I get Miriam's plants (that she brought me) into the ground if I stayed? Would that increase their chance of survival, or is Kevin more likely to water and care for them if they stay in pots for the next five days? Do I really want to spring out of bed right now, make tea, shower, and dress? I suppose I will at least do the latter, so I can put off this decision 'til 7:30.

6:10 update, with tea: Ah, wait. If I drive into campus at 8 (I don't love driving in at that hour, given rush hour, but in this case, it's worth it, I think), then I can drive home and be back by 2:30, which will give me the two+ hours at home to garden, water the yard, change out of work clothes into more comfy travelling clothes. Which still leaves one walk in the heat to the train, but if I feel like I can't bear it, I can harass Kevin and Kavya into dropping me there. Okay, that is sounding manageable and smart and kind to my garden. Tea makes thinking better.

Also, I am pretty sure O'Hare doesn't have free WiFi, which would irritate me, and this means I can have an early dinner at home of leftover lamb curry, cauliflower fry, masala mushrooms, rice and naan (all cooked for Miriam's family last night) instead of airport restaurant dinner, which will both save money and be tastier. Hah!

(Airport concession, you have lost out by not having free WiFi! Please note.)

I forgot the Trader Joe's pakoras and chicken samosas, also leftover. How could I forget them? Although they may all be gone by the end of breakfast, so not actually germane to this discussion.

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