Given limited time, is…

Given limited time, is it more important to water my yard, or buy new shoes for WorldCon?

Data point A: It is supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow.

Data point B: The comfortable yet stylish sandals I wore with ALL my summer dresses broke earlier this summer.

Data point C: I have new perennials that went into the ground a few weeks ago, and they haven't been watered in five days and are starting to droop. (For the second or third time this summer. I have taken them to the brink before because I am a bad plant mommy.)

Data point D: I got the original shoes repaired, and I swear, I even picked them up and brought them home, but now I cannot find them ANYWHERE. Yes, this is infuriating. Somewhere in my house, there is a brown paper bag holding my favorite shoes.

Data point E: But it's been really humid lately.

Data point F: Even if I get new shoes, I'm not sure it's wise to try to break them in by walking around a huge convention for five days.

Data point G: Just because it says it's going to thunderstorm tomorrow doesn't mean it actually will. It could easily be dry for five more days until I get home, at which point, my new perennials will likely be dead.

Data point H: I can always pack a pair of sneakers and/or flip-flops to switch out with the new shoes if they get too ouchy. I will lose some style points, but I won't murder anyone out of sheer foot-pain rage.

Okay, you now have all the information I have, and I believe know everything you need to know to make this decision. Please advise. And yes, fine, if I hurry, I might be able to do both. Maybe. If I don't spend too long waffling about the shoes.

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