New haircut. I let the…

New haircut. I let the stylist straighten it on a whim (just with an iron, not in any kind of permanent way), and on the one hand, straight hair is fun to play with -- on the other hand, maybe too fun; I think I ended up fussing with it too much during classes. Distracting.

Also, Kavya LOVES it, which is a little disturbing. She said I looked like a whole different person, and I looked bee-yoo-tiful, and I should keep it that way forever. Which would all be fine (though I am not going to keep it this way forever because I'm not willing to spend the time and/or money to do so) except she basically doesn't like curly hair on anyone, and I am fretting about her cultural programming. Maybe I will sit Kavi down in front of Brave and make her watch it again and again and again.

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