I woke at 4:30, with a…

I woke at 4:30, with a jerk, from a dream in which I was arguing with Kevin about when I got to abandon him and the children and go to Ragdale.

Apparently, my subconscious is raring to go. It wants to get SO MUCH done in five days at Ragdale, such as finishing revisions to the YA fantasy (including maybe retyping the whole damn thing), starting a deep revision of the memoir, exercising four hours a day, finishing that damn scarf I started knitting years ago, eating healthily to set up good patterns for fall semester, practicing drawing and photography on the prairie for an hour or two a day...

Yes, I do understand that there's no way I'm going to do all that in five days, and that cutting it down to four-and-a-half days because Kevin is still sleeping isn't actually going to make much difference. And yet, my brain frets and wants to be out the door already. I get to go whenever Kevin is awake or 11 a.m. happens, whichever comes first. But I actually have a fair number of things to do first anyway:

- put away laundry and pack
- water the yard, including the new perennials which desperately need it, and which will hopefully survive my absence for a week
- plant the two perennials I somehow keep forgetting about, and water then
- do one more load of dishes to finish up from last night's dinner

Those are necessary, along with keeping an eye on the kids until he gets up. Optional but strongly preferred is finishing up my website admin stuff for work, so I don't have to think about it at Ragdale. Since the kids are still sleeping, I'm off to work on that now.

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