Yesterday, Nilofer was…

Yesterday, Nilofer was in town; she and her girls stopped by around 2 for a few hours of play and lunch. Relaxed with the kids in the early evening, then went down to the basement for my first workout in a while, along with two hours of basement clearing. Felt good to get some things done! Only about, oh, twenty hours to go...

Today I'm planning to finish reading one of the books Kev gave me for my birthday, _The Lies of Locke Lamora_, meet a new faculty member and her kids at the park around 10, go to the grocery store, and then cook Sri Lankan vegetarian dinner for somewhere between 6 - 18 people. (Jarmila's in town, Kavi's old nanny, and she's bringing a friend to dinner. Plus Roshani's family, plus maybe Huzefa's family, plus maybe but probably not Anne's family)

Lentils, cauliflower, carrot, egg curry, spicy potato, cabbage mallung, I think? Rose and saffron rice, with sultanas and cashews. Something like that. Better make the lentils now -- I think that's the only thing I have the ingredients for. Veggie curries typically take about fifteen minutes of prep time each, so you can set four of them going in an hour if you work in sequence. And then you just let them cook and keep an eye on them and wash dishes as you go. Easy-peasy.

Also somewhere this afternoon, pause on the cooking and move a piece of furniture -- there's an old desk I loaned Roshani ages ago that now needs to be cleared out of the apartment it's been living in; it'll be perfect for our basement, I think. I had that desk when I was in college; it's kind of funny that it's coming back.

And that's the plan for the day!

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