Photographic evidence…

Photographic evidence that date night actually happened. Except that you have to take my word for it that Kevin was there, because he does not love being photographed. But look at all that food -- I couldn't possibly eat that all by myself. (Actually, we ordered even more than that, and I ate quite a lot, but we did bring some home.) As always, Marion Street Cheese Market's fried green tomatoes with pickled onions, corn, and chili mayo were delicious and highly recommended.

Dinner took long enough that we missed the movie, but that was okay; we weren't sure we'd stay awake for the whole thing anyway. Instead we walked up to the Book Table and wandered around in there for a while, and I even bought a book, and then we walked back and it was all nice. I don't know if date night's the sort of thing that could save a relationship in real trouble, but for adding a bit of communication and warmth to a harried middle-aged-with-kids-and-jobs relationship, it's pretty darn nice.

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