You know how you know…

You know how you know the summer's almost over? When you start having stress dreams that wake you up at 3:30 a.m., about a 40-page science proposal that you have to stand in line for an hour to submit to the university so that you can get funding to keep your job and of course you're standing in line even though haven't actually written it yet and you're not even a scientist. At least you're not naked.

Apparently, my brain has decided that the day I spent yesterday cleaning (mudroom cleaned! children's winter coats sorted! recycling all out! old lighting from basement donated!), and also knitting and watching re-runs of DS9 was just one day too far. There's stuff to do, and classes start in a week and a half. All right brain. Tea made, turning on SelfControl and Coffeetivity for an hour. Let's get some writing done.

Will check back in with y'all later. Briefly. Then do SAPAC proposals and send them in for tonight's 6 p.m. meeting. Then spend a few hours working on web updates for Asian Studies and receipt-finding and reimbursement-submitting for ASAM. Also change the dates on the syllabi so they're all set for the semester (thankfully, no new preps, and I'm pretty happy with my overall course plans for the fall, so there should only be minor syllabus tweaking.) Goal for today: get all the little backlogged things done for work so my brain doesn't wake me up at 3:30 a.m. anymore.

God, I'm glad I don't have to write a 40-page science proposal.

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