Just a few more garden…

Just a few more garden pics. My siskiyou pink gaura didn't come back from last year (boo), so I picked up one more because I love it so. Maybe this one will survive.

The cleome from the center of my big blue planter was getting seriously scraggly, so I pulled it out and replaced with clouds of Diamond Frost euphorbia and a wacky pink thing whose name I don't know -- anyone? Unconventional planter design, but I like it.

The hellstrip is looking much better to my eyes -- instead of all that sad shaded withered and weedy grass, we now have tidy mulch with heucheras and chocolate eupatorium; will add hostas when my friends are ready to divide theirs this fall. And lots and lots of scilla and muscari bulbs for the spring!

Finally, I just like the bright pink of Claudette dahlia against the silvery-purple Russian sage, which has finally perked up nicely after dragging on the ground all summer. Must remember to cut it back this fall so I don't have that problem again next year.

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