Summer Reading #12: …

Summer Reading #12: Cheryl Strayed, Wild

I admit, I came into this book with perhaps too-high expectations. I had heard so many raves about it, and I really loved her other book, Tiny Beautiful Things. In the end, this memoir didn�t blow me away; in fact, if I have a real crit, it�s that it didn�t even surprise me. This is a problem of travel memoir, and one I�m struggling with myself � unless something terrible actually happens to you, there�s only so much tension you can fairly raise with the possibility that something bad MIGHT happen.

To give Strayed credit, she�s fair to the reader throughout, I think. And the writing was pleasing, and she seemed honest, even about subjects which were likely hard to discuss, which is pretty essential for most memoirs. (Lauren Slater�s _Lying_ being the brilliant exception that proves the rule.)

In the end, I enjoyed this confessional-style memoir, and would recommend it to others, especially those interested in exploring wilderness, women travelling alone, loss of a beloved parent, and/or recovery from self-destructive behavior. And maybe I�ll be doing both you and Strayed a favor by not pushing your expectations too high.

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