Both two days ago and…

Both two days ago and yesterday, I did fine all day and then just crashed in early evening, all my limbs exhausted, feeling kind of shaky and shocky. Yesterday evening, I was too tired even to knit, which was just bizarre. It was only when I woke up just now (wide awake) at 3:30 that I realized what the problem was.

See, Saturday I ran out of my thyroid hormone prescription, and I meant to go pick up my refill, but with the kids and no Kevin I just didn't get to it, and took my old prescription (a bit higher) instead. Hence this. Huh. Guess my doctor was right when she insisted that I was over-medicated before and lowered my dosage (over my protests). Good to know. Also a little disturbing that it took me two days to figure this out. Sigh.

The kids are back in school/camp today, and Kevin is home, so I will go pick up my correct prescription, don't worry.

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