Does every teacher have…

Does every teacher have this moment, two weeks from the start of the new semester, when you want to get your entire home in order before classes start? It's incredibly unlikely that I can actually do it, of course, but yesterday, I found myself making a list:

re-hang library curtain, straighten library shelves, tag herbs, hang hummingbird feeder, change light in kitchen, take down and hem and re-hang living room sheers, clear mudroom, clean pantry, hammer nail and hang sailboats, clear front porch area, get remaining frames, hang art, weed veg. garden, sort and donate out-grown toys, work on basement reorganization, get school supplies, sort and donate summer clothes...

This is not even counting the last few renovation items that are probably going to spill over into the fall; fix broken shower seat, redo destroyed kitchen backsplash, drywall basement walls. Not counted because I'm not doing the actual work, and so all I can do to hurry it along is make phone calls. :-)

2 thoughts on “Does every teacher have…”

  1. This actually sounds like a to-do list of a woman about to give birth. I have heard it called a nesting instinct. I have no idea whether it is biologically based, although come to think of it, I do not know any men who do it.

  2. Yes. Every semester!! I have tackled almost nothing all summer and now I am desperate to get it all in order. (Also my office at work. Tomorrow I sneak in so no one will talk to me and tackle the office)

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