Goals for today: keep…

Goals for today: keep the kids amused at home all day (Kavi has no camp today, and it's easier to get things done if they're both home to play with each other, so I'm keeping Anand home too), go see Roshani's new house (they closed last night!!!), do an hour or two of web work for ASAM and AS, knit a few more rows on the scarf that wouldn't end, clean out and reorganize my pantry (in desperate need of it), try to make a book cover, dammit, do final clean-up revisions on both "The Elephant Adventure" and "Firestarter" and send them out.

If the kids allow, revise a few more chapters of The Shattered Island too, but that is likely over-ambitious for a day at home with kids. We'll see! If they get restless, take them to new nursery Anne was telling me about (Pesche's in Des Plaines) and get some shade garden plants for the hellstrip. But it's beautiful right now, at least, so I'm hoping that I can convince them to go play in the backyard for a few hours and let me work. Fingers crossed. If not, maybe I can borrow one or two of Roshani's kids to help keep them entertained.

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