We’re trying something…

We're trying something new this week -- Kevin isn't going away for a math residency, but he's doing a semi-residency at home, in that he may sleep here, but he's basically 'not here' for the week. Off childcare duty, cooking and cleaning duty, etc. He might work at home or he may go into his office, but the point is, I'm going to try to pretend he's not here, and hopefully Kev can get somewhat intensively into some math. Which I whole-heartedly support in theory, given that I'm leaving in two weeks for a week at Ragdale, but I am not sure how well it will work in practice. We'll have to try it and see.

Plan for the day: second cup of tea, get me and the kids dressed, straighten the playroom, get everyone breakfast, take Anand to preschool, take Kavya to try art camp (Mon, Tues, and Thurs mornings this week), which meets 9-12, hang out at Eastgate Cafe and write; try to make serious progress on final revisions to The Shattered Island, book one.

My big goal for the week is to finish that up (fingers crossed), so that next week I can take care of remaining crits on the memoir, do all my final course prep, catch up on the last of the e-mail, and have a clean slate for the week after that, when I go to Ragdale and have five days to hopefully do a serious, in-depth (final?) rewrite of the memoir. Lazy summer days are drawing to a close. But there are still some lazy summer half-days, at least.

This afternoon, lunch with Kavya, both of us practice piano, and then an afternoon of reading and crafting for me along with hopefully designing the book cover for the Book View Cafe re-release of Torn Shapes of Desire. I've been having anxiety about attempting to do this cover, but I've had a few weeks to refine my design ideas and at this point, I need to just dive in and try to actually do it. If it fails, it fails. I can still be a good person, even if I can't design book covers. Kavi will do whatever she likes in the afternoon (Legos? dolls? drawing?). Followed by picking up Anand around 4-ish, dinner, and playing with the kids (and trying not to bother Daddy) until bedtime. And off we go.

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