Can’t sleep (stupid cold…

Can't sleep (stupid cold meant I was too tired to go to the second day of MuseCon, so stayed home and tried to rest, managed to fall asleep in the middle of the day, and now am wide awake), so I'm watching the last season of West Wing and hopefully finally finishing the Owlet sweater I started for Anand on September 26, 2010. (Oh, Ravelry, thank you for recording my foolishness.) I'm up to the neck shaping, so almost done. Tomorrow, I'll have to hunt up buttons to sew on for all of the tiny owls.

Anand would have just turned one when I started it, and I prudently (hah!) did it in the largest baby size, 24-36 months, which means it is almost certainly too small for him now, at almost 4 years old. (The actual knitting didn't take anywhere near that long, but when you put it down for a year at a time, somehow, the time gets away from you.) But he's a little guy -- I'll try it on him tomorrow and see if maybe we can get a few wears out of it before packing it away to wait for the next adorable baby to come my way.

Mostly posting here to note that I conquered short rows tonight. That and the cabling were the two things I stalled on with this sweater, and if anyone else is hesitating to finish a project because they'll have to do either, let me just note that they're ridiculously simple, and you shouldn't be quite as foolish as I was. He could've been wearing this all of last winter. Sigh. And now I need to change to a 4.5 needle for the last bit of knit and purl ribbing, and I am going to actually go hunt one up, rather than let this stall out for oh, another year.

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