Head cold persists, so…

Head cold persists, so I'm taking it relatively easy today. Watched a couple of West Wing episodes, dealt with some e-mail (down to 120 backlogged messages! though we're getting to the ones that take more time, so progress may slow down considerably). Anand has a cold too, so I think I'm going to let him stay home and take it easy today. I may regret this decision; we'll see. Mostly he and Kavi play together pretty well these days, letting us keep working, but sometimes they do get into moods, and then it's drama and no-working all around.

The pounding rain of last night made the ground nice and wet, so I went out and pulled some weeds and did some general yard clean-up this morning; the shade garden is looking better now. Got plenty more to do, including a few plants I really ought to get out of their pots and into the ground. Soon. But mostly, today is going to be a reading and tv watching day, I think. I'm planning to review West Wing for you when I'm all done with it -- watching it all in a row, this second time, I think I actually figured a few semi-interesting things out, writing-wise. If I get really ambitious, I will start assembling my IKEA Expedit bookcases, so I can reclaim the chaos of my study. More soon.

Also, my hair is now long enough that I can do two little pigtail braids down to just past my shoulders. I feel very Laura Ingalls Wilder today.

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