Garden in early August,…

Garden in early August, after rain.


Blossoms hiding.

New daylily; I can look up the name if anyone needs it. Not sure what I think of it, actually.

Joseph's Coat color-changing rose.


I know this is supposed to be a weed (Asiatic dayflower), but right now, it's all over areas that would otherwise be barren, so I'm having a hard time getting myself to pull them up...

I planted half a dozen ferns in the shade garden when we first moved in; for some reason, most didn't survive. But this Lady in Red is doing very nicely.

The oakleaf hydrangea is starting to change blossom color, the white fading to pale green-pink. It's one of my favorite things about hydrangeas, the way they do that.

Close-up, so you can see how much pink there is now.

Can't remember which allium this is (drumstick, maybe?), but I look the drooping pre-bloom shape. Like raindrops, falling.

William Shakespeare rose.

Claudette dahlia (I'm pretty sure).

Bee and summer beauty allium.

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