So here’s my thought. I…

So here's my thought. I think I can fit three Expedit shelves (if I've measured correctly) horizontally on the floor of my study -- two spanning the area behind my desk, and one along the side as you come into the room.

Obviously, the ones behind my desk won't be super-accessible, since I'll have to either move the desk or crawl underneath to reach some of that storage, but right now it's just completely wasted space, and there will be, I'm sure, quite a few items I only need to access once or twice a year, if that. Old files, for example, for story contrats from a decade or two ago, for example.

So what do you think? Will that work okay? Expedit comes in a black-brown, and for $60 each + some assembly time, I think that might work out really well. Almost anything would be better than this.

I really like what they did with the shelves here:

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  1. I approve. :). Iuse the expedite shelves for my reord colle tion and really like them. I out them up on te legs that are available as I like that aesthetic better. But I think that would make them too tall for your space.

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