I scored an awesome…

I scored an awesome chair at Divine Consign yesterday (a great local consignment store where the price drops significantly every two weeks, so this was down from $250 or so originally to $94). Very exciting because it's basically exactly what I was looking for to go at the little game table in the library; small, comfy, and on wheels! The only thing that would be better would be if they had two, because I'd really like to reclaim my rolling desk chair. But I'll keep looking. The mismatched look is cool, right? I am pleased that the library is starting to really look like a library. Although that's mostly all the books. :-)

Also, local friends, that round table is going to be for sale on Mom mail and Craigslist as soon as I get around to it. Holler if you want it; discounted heavily to friends. It's a nice table, but isn't going to fit in the room once our couch for that side of the room finally arrives in a few weeks.

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