Rug advice? I adore this…

Rug advice? I adore this rug, and am so glad it went to half-price. But this is the 5x7, and I'm not sure it's the right size for this room. The 8x10 is sold out. The 9x12 is, I think, too big? But I'm not sure. It'd fill the floor, going under the piano bench, and partway under the chaise.

That bigger size would also mean this more modern style of rug pattern would come a lot closer to the Persian-style blue rug in the dining room. Would they clash? Or would they work together okay, given a) they both have viney flowers on them, and b) I like the new rug just fine with the blue and white Indian block print fabric on the chaise?

I think I'm going to decide today, one way or another, and either buy a rug pad for this one, or go to the store and try to buy the larger size. I could, of course, buy the larger size, try it, and then exchange whichever works less well, but I already did that once (the 4x6 is too small, definitely), and I am feeling tired and my foot still hurts and I'm not wanting to schlep around a lot. So if we could figure it out this way, that'd be better.

4 thoughts on “Rug advice? I adore this…”

  1. Ah, now that I see the Persian rug I see why you are concerned that they look too similar. My vote is keep the smaller rug or wait for another one to capture your fancy that you can find in a size you like better, one that doesn’t reflect the same colors so closely.

    I like this rug the size it is, for the record.

  2. I think the small rug is getting lost in the center of the room. Does it need to be in the center? Or could you center it on an alternate focal point? Yes, it’s non-trad’l.

    I know this is the rug you’ve been lusty after for aeons. Is it not available in the middle size anywhere? And how much do you love the persian in the dining room? And how much did it cost? Depending on the answers, I’d get the larger carpet for the front room, with the idea of possibly changing to a different rug in the dining room later.

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