Here’s my plan. My plan…

Here's my plan. My plan is to seriously spend the next month trying to actually answer the e-mail backlog. All of it. Especially the most recent stuff, the stuff that's been waiting less than three months. (As opposed to the stuff that's been waiting, oh, several years.) I made some progress (from 700+ down to 500+ in the last two months, but clearly, there's a ways to go.

And then, August 18th, I think I'm going to implement Nicola's day of mass delete and general apology. Because August 19th, I go to Radgale for a week, and I don't want e-mail hanging over me when I'm immersed in writing. And August 26th, fall semester starts, and I'm going to try to maintain inbox zero from that point forward. This is the plan. I hope it's a good plan.

(Also, I'm thinking about imposing a dealing-with-e-mail moratorium from dinnertime Friday to breakfast Monday. That's scarier, though. We'll see.)

2 thoughts on “Here’s my plan. My plan…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hey, most of the time, I sleep a solid eight hours a night, no more, no less. It’s lovely. 🙂

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