Every time I post to…

Every time I post to Facebook about some minor injury, I get a host of people saying to go see the doctor. Which is funny, because I grew up with a doctor father, whose response to every complaint was, "Drink some orange juice and go lie down for a while."

I should note that I am actually on the phone today making THREE doctor's appointments:

-- one for my foot, which has upgraded in the last hour to stabby pain and tingling numbness radiating up and down the ankle and shin, freaking me out a bit

-- one for Anand to get a lead/iron stick test, because his teacher noticed him mouthing toys a lot last week, and my pediatrician friend says that could be a sign of iron deficiency and/or lead poisoning, so best to get it checked out though it's almost certainly nothing

-- one for Ellie, who thumped down hard a few weeks ago and started limping -- she's actually been to the vet twice for it already, and the vet said to try doggie painkiller and rest, but she's still limping, so next is x-rays, possibly followed by surgery.

I am feeling a bit beleaguered. This is not how I wanted to spend my birthday week!

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  1. I hope your foot heals quickly. I tend to ignore advice to see a physician for such things, but if it is getting worse, not better, then yes.

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