Garage Interior…

Garage Interior Painting

We got halfway through repainting the inside of the garage today, with the help of Mary Robinette Kowal. Great progress!

I wish I had a real before photo, from last spring, before we fixed the floor. The concrete was badly cracked, to the extent of having a huge hole in it that you could easily twist your ankle in. It wasn't glamorous (or cheap!), having it repaired, but the floor is much safer now. You couldn't call this a pretty garage, though. The walls, as far as we can tell, have never been painted, and are kind of falling apart in places. We weren't up for actually repairing them, but a quick coat of paint works wonders.

If you can wrangle a friend like Mary Robinette into helping, I highly recommend it. Feed them hard cider and sushi, and lavish helpings of praise.

So much more cheerful! The color is Benjamin Moore's Sailor's Sea Blue. Look how masterfully Mary Robinette wields that brush. And she manages to look pretty doing it, which was more than I could manage. You'll have to take my word for it that I did my share of the heavy painting, because after a few hours of work, I was not fit for photos.

I'd muttered something about putting some flowers up there. I was thinking daisies or some such, since that's about the level of my artistic ability. But Mary Robinette got this gleam in her eye...

...and half an hour later, had produced this. I'm not sure you can see the detail, but she actually carved a leaf block and block-printed the leaves. Using an Indian miniature painting she pulled up on her laptop for inspiration. This woman is hard-core.

Which is not to downplay the efforts of Kavya and Anand (see if you can find his two handprints). The artist poses with her work.

(Obviously, this is a bit of the wall that could use repair.)

We still have one more wall of the garage to paint, but good progress made today! It's so much happier in there; that's going to be a nice garage to come home to. Maybe I'll be brave and try to paint a mural on the other wall myself. :-)

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