Someone just asked if…

Someone just asked if any of my books are available on Kindle. Just in case anyone else reading this is desperate to know the answer to this VERY important question, Bodies in Motion is available on Kindle now.

Also available for Kindle on Amazon are Kathryn in the City and The Classics Professor, my two choose-your-own-adventure erotica novels, which, I have to say, were super-fun to write, and I hear they're super-fun to read. :-) Although I'm not sure how easy the 'turn to page 57' function is on the Kindle? Someone should try it and report back. Also, you probably won't be able to stick your fingers in the pages to remind you of where you were in case you don't like the direction the story is going and want to go back and choose another path. Hm.

More of my books should be available on Kindle very soon. (Specifically, Torn Shapes of Desire, Silence and the Word, and The Stars Change).

I don't know if there's an interest in a Kindle edition of my Sri Lankan cookbook, A Taste of Serendib? If there is, let me know, and I can ask Steve Berman if it's possible to make that available.

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